2009 Pinot Noir Cuvee Joshua Thomas


Starting a harvest with a baby due at any second is something you'll never forget. After racking the Viognier to barrel for fermentation, I ran off to take my wife to the hospital not knowing what to expect! Joshua arrived in typical winemaker fashion at the beginning of harvest, on September 18, 2009!

Wanting to commemorate this historic event, I bottled a "barrel select" from his vintage. I carefully selected the best five barrels of Pinot Noir and wrote his name on the head of the barrel in chalk.

Three barrels of Julia's Vineyard Pommard clone, and two barrels of Sierra Madre Vineyard Clone 777 & 2A were blended together to form this special three clone Santa Maria Valley Cuvee.

I look forward to having Joshua re-write the wine notes for his birth year wine as we drink the wine together some day in the future.

Bottled unfined & unfiltered.

122 cases produced

Please serve at 58°F-64°F